New mums should introduce Brazil nuts to their diet

New mums planning on breastfeeding their baby may wish to introduce Brazil nuts to their diet.
Vicky Warr, founder of – a website specialising in pre and postnatal group fitness and personal training – explained these are a good source of nutrients and serve to stabilise blood sugar levels.
Ms Warr, who is also head trainer of pre and postnatal strength and a conditioning coach at the organisation, recommended people consume around six to eight Brazil nuts a day.
She stated: “They are a really good, quality fat, which helps with your baby’s brain developments and those are going in your breast milk if you are breastfeeding.”
Other foodstuffs new mums may wish to go for include low-sugar fruit such as apples, pears and berries.
Ms Warr explained these items have more vitamins and nutrients than bananas, which have a slightly higher sugar content and contain more carbohydrates.
She noted it is important for women who have just given birth to eat the right foods, as they may be more susceptible to illness following pregnancy.

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