Seasoning should be considered in diets

People looking to follow a diet that is both healthy and enjoyable may find seasoning is an important part of the cooking process.
Looking at different ways to prepare a dish can open up a person to a range of new flavours and encourage them to try foodstuffs they might not have previously considered.
David Jones, co-owner of – a Devon-based cooking school established in 2006 – has noted Moroccan-style seasoning sees cooks introducing fruit to their stews, which can bring out a natural sweetness in the dishes.
Adding preserved lemons can also serve to counter this taste with a sharpness, giving the meal a better balance.
Mr Jones recommended lemon, garlic and thyme as the best additions when serving up a chicken dish, noting: “You’ve got this lovely, heady scent with thyme and a little bit of sharpness and zing from the lemon. And then you get a nice big hit of garlic.”
He claimed sage tends to be underused with regard to pork seasoning, observing the herb is often found in Italian cooking and can be warmed up with butter before the meat is sauted to create a delicious dinner.

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