Young people turning to healthier diets

Young people in England are eating improved diets in an attempt to lead healthier lifestyles.
This is the suggestion of new research from the King’s Fund, which showed the number of youngsters who have poor eating habits, drink, smoke and are physically inactive has dropped in recent years.
As part of the investigation, researchers analysed data in England between 2003 and 2008 and discovered the proportion of the population engaging in three of these four behaviours dipped from 33 per cent to 25 per cent in this timeframe.
David Buck, a senior fellow at the health system charity, noted: “Our research highlights an unsung public health success – a reduction in multiple unhealthy lifestyle behaviours among the general population.”
Despite the positive trend, the findings also showed such improvement has only been witnessed among more affluent and educated groups, with the proportion of those with no qualifications or employed in manual labour laws remaining unchanged over the five-year period.
Mr Buck described this lack of progress among lower socio-economic groups as worrying, explaining the divide among the richest and poorest has served to exacerbate health inequalities.

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