Poor pregnancy diet increases diabetes risk

Children are put at increased risk of contracting diabetes if their mother has a bad diet while they are pregnant, a new study has revealed.
Research conducted at the Complutense University of Madrid has established that eating healthy food during gestation helps prevent babies from having increased levels of insulin and glucose, Medical News Today reports.
The analysis, which was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, was carried out to examine the link between diet and cell growth within foetuses.
Previous studies have already found that high-fat diets increase the chances of childhood diabetes regardless of whether or not the mother is afflicted by the condition.
However, this new research looked to develop this further and indicated that children are often born smaller and lighter when their mother consumes insufficient levels of glucose.
Francisco Sanchez-Muniz, author of the study, commented: “It is surprising that women do not change their eating habits or diet quality during pregnancy.”

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