There is a lack of evidence to support diet pills

There is a lack of evidence to support the effectiveness of diet pills, it has been claimed.
Vicky Malone, a dietitian at – whose PronoKal Programme is a medically-supervised weight-loss scheme designed to help people maintain their target weight – noted that while there are a numer of diet pills available on the market, few of them are recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).
People keen to lose weight might therefore prefer to go down the more traditional route of a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise in order to get in shape.
Ms Malone explained the only medication of this type recommended by NICE is Orlistat, which prevents the body from absorbing around 30 per cent of dietary fat.
She stated: “There is evidence to show that Orlistat is effective – however, it is only prescribed to individuals with a body mass index over 30 kg per sq m.”
In addition, the tablets are only given to these people when natural weight loss methods have been tested, but proved not to be successful.

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