Angelina Jolie Reveals her Diet Secrets

Angelina Jolie has been criticised for being anorexic by the media. However, she has announced that she has a naturally slim body type.
Angelina Jolie’s diet is based around her not having a big appetite, so she does not need to go on diets to lose weight. She even eats red meat which is a known favourite of hers.
Jolie has revealed that she can survive on approximately 600 calories daily which is inadequate for an adult.
She survives on tiny meals which many of us may consider to snacks and is known to have cereal and some coconut oil for breakfast which could go towards explaining her healthy glow as coconut oil is high in vitamins and calories.
Angelina favours lean steaks as part of her diet. This enables her to eat enough protein without stuffing her face. She depends on a protein diet to enable her to fulfil her busy schedule which can mean her missing meals unconsciously.
When Angelina Jolie does not find time for a healthy meal she grabs a protein shake as opposed to solid food.

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