Diet and Enough Sleep Adequate During Exams

Our diets and adequate sleep play a crucial role for healthy living during exams and at other times.
Our bodies’ metabolism functions at its best during and before sunrise. Hence, if students revising for exams stay awake till late at night, eat late and then get up late in the morning, they will create an imbalance in their body cycle.
This can lead to health problems, such as, acidity, headaches and loss of memory.
It is important that children sleep for a minimum of seven hours a night.
Diet during exam time ought to be light so that you do not get an upset stomach. It is better not to drink too much tea or coffee as it can cause excess acidity.
It is best to have dinner at least two hours before you go to sleep .
Lots of students go without eating properly during exam time as they consider they will stay awake till late night in the night that way.
However, that is not a good idea as of course you will be exhausted by not eating as opposed to alert.

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