Malnutrition Kills over Two and a Half Million Children a Year

Malnutrition is responsible for the deaths of 2.6 million children per annum as well the inadequate development of the bodies and brains of 450 million will fail to develop properly as a result of an inadequate diet over the course of the next 15 years unless we act immediately.
These are the findings of a recent survey undertaken by a major international charity.
Save the Children have undertaken a survey of developing countries which estimates that a quarter of children are already adversely affected as a result of malnutrition.
In certain developing countries a third of children are stunted, with this figure being 48% for children in India.
With high population-growth in Nigeria and Tanzania, the problem is increasing fast.
Heightened food prices are a crucial aggravating factor for this situation.
The charity’s authors state that these damaging trends can be stopped and reversed by using tried and tested solutions if political will exists and public awareness is raised, the report’s authors say.
David Cameron has been urged by Save the Children to use the 2012 Olympics, when many heads of state will be present in London, to host a “world hunger summit” and launch an international campaign to help malnutrition victims. Campaigners also wish to have the issue addressed in May at the G8 summit in China.
Each hour 300 children die from malnutrition-related causes as they are not receiving the basic, nutritious foods we get in the UK.
There is a huge need to feed children everywhere and eradicate malnutrition.

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