The New Fruit Flush Diet

Can you really eat a piece of fruit every two hours and lose weight?
The fruit flush dieters consider this to be quite possible.
This diet claims it is a three day detox, which flushes out toxins from your body.
Such ‘toxins’ apparently collect in the body due to alcohol, poor diets, processed foods and artificial ingredients.
The diet is also considered to be a healthy weight loss diet.
The main concern of the fruit flush diet is to consume a considerable amount of natural and unprocessed foods, such as, fruits and raw veg.
The fruit flush diet works by consuming lean proteins in the form of yoghurt protein shakes, which seemingly assist the body to enter the ‘fat burning mode.’
Secondly, the high intake of water and fibre in the form of fruit and raw veg makes your body burn calories which results in sudden weight loss as your body undergoes a total overhaul from its standard routine.

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