Two Diets Get Thumbs Up as Healthy Eating Plans

The Americans have given the thumbs up to two leading diets.
These approved diets are the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, followed closely by the TLC Diet, (Therapeutic Lifestyles Changes) diet .
Both are designed not for shedding weight, but to address health problems, such as, high blood pressure, heart disease and metabolic disorders.
The DASH Diet and the TLC Diet are great for all of us as they are not actually diets but healthy eating plans.
Both diets emphasise portion control, lots of fruit and veg and lowering the intake of fats, salt and processed foods.
Weight loss is not the primary motive of these diets; health benefits derived from changing your eating habits are the primary concerns of these diets.
American health professionals applaud DASH and TLC. However, they are not that popular among the general public as they do not offer that immediate approach to losing weight .
Quick fix diets play eat up muscles, which we need more so as we age.

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