Water Aids Weight Loss

Replacing high calorie drinks with water can enable you to lose 4 to 5 pounds, according to health experts.
University of North Carolina researchers contrasted weight loss in 318 overweight or obese people, who were placed in three groups.
People who switched to water also tended to make healthy food choices that enabled them to incur further weight loss.
Substituting water for calorific drinks can be a straightforward change for individuals who wish to lose weight or maintain their weight.
If more people drank water then it could drastically lower the rapidly increasing problem of obesity .
All three groups in the study experienced slight reductions in weight and waist circumference over the course of the six month study.
Those who switched to water experienced a 5 per cent reduction in body weight. Those drank mostly water experienced lower fasting glucose levels and better hydration levels than the control group.

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