Diet and Acne are Linked

It is said that up to 80 per cent of teenagers experience acne to some extent or the other.
This condition can leave them feeling isolated, with low self esteem and or feeling depressed.
75 per cent of adult acne cases affect women.
A majority of those who have had acne state that particular foods do aggravate their skin, even though most dermatologists deny any relationship between diet and acne.
Recent research studies have laid down the gauntlet to this view. New research has highlighted that dairy products as well as high glycemic foods, such as, sugary foods and foods made from refined flour, worsen acne, whilst omega-3 fats can alleviate it.
Moreover, body weight is also said to play a role. A recent study shows that among 3,600 boys and girls, aged 18 and 19, overweight or obese girls were twice as likely to have acne as compared to their thinner peers. In boys, however, there was no association between acne and being overweight.
A body mass index (BMI) of 25 or more was associated with acne in girls after taking into account smoking, diet and mental stress .
Acne happens due to there being excess sebum and a build up of dead skin cells.

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