Diet to be Happy

Being healthy is not just about regular exercise. Our diet is crucial for a healthy state of mind.
Recent Australian research has confirmed that what we eat has a much more profound effect on us than previously imagined, including long term effects on depression and anxiety.
One thousand women were interviewed about their diet as well as their mental-health symptoms.
This study was different as this was the first time the participants’ entire diets were addressed as opposed to certain nutrients, like omega-3, folate and magnesium, in association with depression and anxiety disorders.
The results did not differ across age, socio-economic group or type of exercise undertaken.
The study discovered that those participants who ate diets high in processed foods and junk food were more susceptible to anxiety and depression disorders than those who were on wholefood diets high in fruit, veg, fish and other lean protein.
These findings go to re-emphasise the benefits of the five recommended fruit and veg a day and the importance of high fibre and wholegrain as well as lean protein.

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