Eighty Per Cent of Women Do Not Succeed with New Years Diets

Most women’s diets last just 15 days, with only 20 per cent of women achieving their target. An amazing 35 per cent pile back more weight than they have lost.
Despite shedding an average 5.6lbs women put on nearly 5 lbs less than three weeks after the diet finishes, so says bread maker Hovis.
It is of great concern to consider that women place such pressure on themselves to lose weight rapidly and then undergo emotional repercussions should they give up or not see the results desired.
The key to a healthy lifestyle is not fad diets, or cutting out foods totally from your diet.
The survey of 2,000 women uncovered that only 1 in 5 can stick to their plans which kept them away from specific food groups, like the Dukan Diet or Atkins Diet.

A third of women attempted to eliminate bread from their diet, and almost 50 per cent of participants stated that they had failed upon trying to eliminate all savoury snacks.

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