Fridge that Acts as Diet Police

A fridge that can police all our diets has been invented.
It may seem radical for many yet LG has unveiled a high tech fridge which informs you of what to eat as well as what not to eat.
The new ThinQ Smart fridge is going to go on sale in the UK for approximately £2,000 later on this year. It has the wonder of an in-built dietician, which you can programme to watch your diet and let you know when you have made an unhealthy choice.
LG’s Smart fridge scans each item that you place in the fridge and can also suggest healthy eating options.
Users are able to programme their BMI and weight loss targets into the fridge, which utilises in-built smart TV and voice recognition technology to work out who is opening the fridge.
It is then able to access that individual’s details and suggest healthier item options, recipes as well as ideas for meals.
The fridge, billed as ‘your own Nigella Lawson’, can even switch on a compatible oven to the correct temperature according to the recipe it has suggested.

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