Mediterranean Diet can Halve Parkinsons Disease

The results of new research highlights that eating a Mediterranean diet can halve the likelihood of developing Parkinsons disease .
This provides even more good reason to eat vegetable-packed salads, grilled fish and lentil soup.
Each year sees 10,000 more diagnoses of Brits with Parkinson’s disease, a disease which causes shaking and muscular difficulties. This happens due to the dying of the brain cells responsible for controlling movement in our bodies.
The research, undertaken by a University of Tokyo research team, discovered that having a diet high in fruit, veg and fish cut the risk of this degenerative disease by 46%.
The study involved the comparison of 249 individuals with Parkinson’s with 368 individuals who did not have Parkinson’s.
The results highlighted that those with the healthiest diets, high in fruit, veg and fish, were at least risk of developing the disease.
It is considered that antioxidants in fish, fruit and veg protect brain cells from damage.

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