We Do not Eat Enough Fruit and Veg

A European Food Information Council (EUFIC) survey intimates that in spite of widely available nutrition advice in the UK most of us do not eat an adequate amount of fruit and vegetables in our daily diet.
The EUFIC analysis ranks Britain fourteenth out of the 19 EU countries that have been studied in relation to their eating habits.
It highlighted that an average of 13.6oz of fruit and veg were eaten daily by the European countries population in contrast to just 9.1oz by us.
Just four out of the 19 countries met the World Health Organisation’s minimum consumption target of 14.1oz of fruit and veg daily; they were Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland which ranked first.
The EUFIC states that a high intake of fruit and vegetables help lower the likelihood of certain diseases, such as, specific cancers, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes .
The report had been compiled by the EUFIC from various government data however the body said that they accepted that often there were no directly comparable statistics and that fruit and vegetable definitions varied between different countries, fruit juice and potatoes for example were not included by some countries.

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