Female diets should not feature too much sugar

A female’s diet should not consist of too much sugar, it has been suggested.
Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill, a hormone and holistic health specialist with clinics in Guernsey and Harley Street, noted over consumption of this foodstuff can increase a person’s cholesterol level.
The expert observed continual exposure to sugar can serve to stimulate a person’s body to produce more insulin.
As a result of these escalating levels, insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes – increasing diagnosis levels for which is representing something of an epidemic in the UK.
Dr Burns-Hill explained increased insulin in the body can result in a number of side-effects, especially for females.
These include the gaining of weight around the stomach and middle of the body, as well as a greater risk of faster facial and body hair growth.
Dr Burns-Hill noted people face a quandary when they go on a diet, as many low-fat products use sugar as a means of compensation, adding: “People often know they need to go on a diet but they don’t think of what they are actually consuming.”

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