Parents should offer children food several times

Parents who are struggling to encourage their children to stick to a healthy diet may need to offer them particular foods on a number of occasions before little ones get used to them.

This is according to child nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton, who said youngsters tend to have something called neophobia, which means they are naturally reticent to try new things.

She said parents need to encourage, offer and not be worried if kids will not try or enjoy particular foods the first few times they eat them, while those who are struggling should sit down and consume them in front of the child.

Her comments were made after research carried out by revealed nearly eight out of ten parents are unaware of the specific nutritional needs of their toddlers regarding vitamin D.

Dr Ruxton added: “Even if you’re out at a restaurant, have something good and give them a pick of your food. Those things definitely help.”

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