Time management essential for new mums looking to diet

Time management is as important as nutrition for new mothers looking to diet after giving birth.
This is the suggestion of Dr Joanna Helcke, pregnancy and post natal fitness specialist and founder of Zest4lifeUK – a training service aiming to boost pre and post natal wellbeing – who noted mums need to focus on their organisational skills to prevent them eating the wrong foods at the incorrect times.
Dr Helcke observed this might happen if a parent forgets to eat while devoting all their time to looking after the baby.
She advised that rather than going on a strict diet, mothers can ensure they stay healthy by coming up with a weekly shopping and cooking system.
“If new mums are eating in a nutritionally-balanced manner, the likelihood is that they will start to lose the baby weight at a steady and healthy rate,” Dr Helcke observed, adding this reduction is likely to be seen within a matter of weeks.
In addition to monitoring their diet, women should aim to take up appropriate post natal physical activity once given the go-ahead from their doctor, with walking the number one exercise of choice.

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