A Vegetarian Diet is Good for You

A vegetarian diet is good for you as it has health benefits and can lessen health problems, so says recent Australian research.
This puts to bed the common held belief that a vegetarian diet does not contain enough protein and iron.
The study found those who adopted a vegetarian diet are receiving adequate levels of protein, iron and zinc, and are less likely to suffer from heart disease, colorectal cancer, type 2 diabetes and obesity .
There are no recorded significant health differences between babies born to vegetarian mothers and non vegetarian mothers.
Even though vegetarians who do not eat fish get fewer Omega 3 fatty acids than considered necessary, the vegetarian participants did not show signs of clinical deficiency.
Vitamin B12 deficiency affects some vegetarians as they do not eat animal based products like eggs. B12 is necessary to help make red blood cells and to keep nerves functioning. The study recommends a daily supplement or more B12-fortified foods to balance B12 deficiency.
The average Australian eats considerably more protein than necessary and the study proves that you do not have to eat meat daily.

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