A Diet of Fruit and Veg Makes You Cuter

Eating a diet of fruit and veg is not only healthy for you but makes you look good.
Individuals who increased their intake of fruit and veg were deemed to be more attractive after only six weeks, as researchers discovered.
Scientists at St Andrews University in Scotland monitored the food consumption of 35 people and photographed them over this period.
In only six weeks the participants who had included more fruit and veg in their diets had a healthy glow and seemed to be more attractive than before.
Eating 2.9 more portions of fruit and veg daily made the participants look healthier compared to others by the end of the study, with an extra 3.3 portions enhancing their attractiveness.
Fruit and veg are high in carotenoids which protect against cell damage from pollution and UV rays and prevent age-related diseases like heart disease and cancer .
So it seems that eating fruit makes you look better.

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