A Healthy Diet Does Not have to Be Expensive

A healthy diet does not have to be expensive all it needs is a bit of thought and planning.
Quality meals can be made in advance and without expense. The best way is to keep it simple so you are not put off from doing it.
Another way of keeping expense down is to use local produce and to buy foods that are in season. A great source of local produce is farmers markets, where the cost of goods is reasonable yet of great quality.
Good food can also be purchased in abundance which is not overpriced.
Sourcing local produce also means that you are automatically eating healthier foods, foods which have not been pumped with chemicals to last longer, the fresher your food, the healthier your diet.
Should you eat meat, it would be cheaper and healthier substituting it for vegetarian products.
A good tip is to avoid wasting food. You can reuse it in another dish, or you can freeze it and eat it further ahead.
A great way of ensuring cheap, fresh fruit and veg is to grow your own. This will lower your food bill and thereby you can get some exercise too.

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