A Vegetarian Diet can Make You Less Stressed and More Happy

Adhering to a vegetarian diet can make you less stressed and happier, according to the findings of new research.
The reason for this is fatty acids, diets which include meat and fish contain more arachidonic acid (AA), an animal source of omega-6 fatty acids. High AA levels can trigger mood-disturbing brain changes.
39 meat-eating participants were put on one of three diets. A group ate meat, fish or poultry every day; a second group ate fish 3 to 4 times per weekly with no meat; and a third group stuck to a strictly vegetarian diet .
Two weeks later mood scores remained the same for fish and meat eating groups, however, vegetarians reported considerably better moods and less stress.
Eating no meat, fish, and poultry improved short-term moods.
Try to introduce to your diet plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids like chia seeds, hemp seed, cauliflower and purslane.

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