Australian Red Meat said to Reduce Risk of Depression

Experts have been astounded by a recent study which has linked Australian red meat to health risks.
For the purposes of the research, the team studied 1,000 Australian women.
The lead researcher initially thought red meat may not be good for mental health . However, it seems that it is in fact quite important.
The study highlights that when the researchers studied women who were eating less than the recommended amount of red meat for the purposes of the study, they discovered that they were twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression or an anxiety disorder than those who were eating the recommended amount.
Given the total healthiness of the women’s diets and other factors like socioeconomic status, smoking, physical activity levels, weight and age, the relationship between low red meat intake and mental health remained.
Australian red meat is considered to be healthy because it contains high levels of nutrients, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial for mental and physical health.
This is the case as Australian cattle and sheep are placed on diets of mainly grass.
In most other countries, cattle are fed grains. The result is that the cattle on mainly grass produce much more healthy meat with more healthy fats and less saturated fat .
The Australian government recommends eating 65 -100g of lean, red meat three to four times on a weekly basis.

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