Better Diet can Reduce Cancers by a Quarter

By 2025 we could prevent a quarter of cancers through diet and exercise according to a new Australian study.
This would also reduce the Australian healthcare bill by hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars.
There is an association between food, nutrition and exercise in terms of preventing cancer.
The number of cancer cases in Australia is going to increase to 170,000 in the next 13 years, a 60 per cent increase on 2007.
Lifestyle changes could lower that figure by 43,000 or 25 per cent the research states.
The factors that have actively contributed to the country’s ill health include a sedentary lifestyle, more overweight and obese adults, alarming rates of harmful alcohol drinking and a lack of healthy diets.
Just 16 per cent of Australians eat the recommended daily five servings of fruit and veg.
Australians need to add more wholegrain cereals, bread and low salt foods to their diets and ensure that they have a low fat diet.
It is also important that they teaching their children to eat healthily.
Lower sugar, lower salt and healthier foods cost more than unhealthier alternatives. So Australians who are on lower incomes are more likely to opt for unhealthy food choices. Therefore, healthy eating awareness measures are imperative.

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