Red Meat Heightens Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer

A brand new study states that including red meat in our diets increases the risk of cancer and heart disease .
Researchers at Harvard Medical School said that a diet high in red meat curtails life expectancy.
The study of more than 120,000 people suggested red meat increased the risk of death from cancer and heart disease.
Substituting red meat with chicken, fish or nuts reduces all related risks.
The British Heart Foundation, however, claimed that red meat can still be eaten as part of a balanced diet.
The Harvard researchers analysed data from 37,698 men from 1986 to 2008 and 83,644 women from 1980 to 2008.
Dr Rosemary Leonard stated that the risks related to eating a great deal of red meat are “very clear”.
They emphasised that adding an extra portion of unprocessed red meat to your daily diet increases the risk of death by 13 per cent, of fatal cardiovascular disease by 18 per cent and of cancer mortality by 10 per cent.
Moreover, the figures for processed meat were higher, 20 per cent for overall mortality, 21 per cent for death from heart problems and 16 per cent for cancer mortality.
The study affirmed: “We found that a higher intake of red meat was associated with a significantly elevated risk of total, cardiovascular disease, and cancer mortality.

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