What is the Manhattan Diet

So what does the Manhattan diet consist of?
Writer Eileen Daspin, who is about to release a book titled, “The Manhattan Diet”, says that she tastes everything yet eats practically nothing.
The book discloses how the women of the city remain so slim, even though they appear to indulge yet not gain weight.
One of the ways in which Manhattan women remain slim is to eat with chopsticks. This means you eat smaller mouthfuls and get fuller more quickly and you shun sauces when eating out as they often contain lots of calories .

‘Trigger foods’ such as chocolates, pastries, crisps and peanut butter are never kept in the home. One of Eileen’s friends runs seven miles a day to maintain her figure; she even pours water over leftovers prior to throwing them out in order that she is not tempted to eat them.
Many women add milk to green tea in order to feel full but reduce calories .
She adds that many women get full on healthy grains or GG Bran crispbread which helps control their appetite.

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