Beyonce Says that you Do Not Need a Strict Diet if you Exercise

Beyonce has recently given birth to her baby daughter, Blue Ivy, and is deemed to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.
She does not believe in strict dieting; in fact she is a serious advocate of exercise and healthy eating now. Gone are the days of the maple syrup diet that she became very famous for prior to appearing in the film “Showgirls”.
The 30 year old celebrity is exercising between three and five times a week.
She does cardio and plyometric moves, such as, lunges and jumps on and off a bench.
She also uses kettle bells to strengthen and tone her body, as she feels “softer” after giving birth.
Beyonce breastfed her daughter for ten weeks, did not eat processed foods and stuck to vegetables and grilled meat.
Her approach is not one of eating multiple celery sticks it is a sensible diet and regular exercise.
She of course does have the advantage of a personal trainer supporting her training.

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