Cut Down Calories or You Will Regain Weight

As any dieter knows, the actual work begins when the diet ends. Only a very few people manage to keep off the pounds.
This is not to do with will power. New research states that we need to cut down calories in the long-term cut to keep the weight off.
To maintain the new weight, slimmers ought to eat less than someone at the same weight who has not dieted.
In fact, experts state that dieters ought to consume 300 fewer calories daily to maintain their weight. This is equivalent to a bag of Maltesers a day,
The findings are from Columbia University researchers, who have monitored dieters for many years.
An obesity conference in Lyon heard that this phenomenon can mainly be attributed to the impact dieting has on muscle.
In slimmers, muscle utilises fewer calories to undertake its work than in another person of a similar weight who has not dieted.
Changes in hormones, metabolism and appetite also play a role.
The American research also highlights that post dieting, the areas of the brain which perceive food as rewarding become more active, with those that generate feelings of restraint being less so.
Therefore, former dieters need to eat more to feel satisfied, however, they think they have in fact eaten less.

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