Does the Green Coffee Bean Diet Help You Lose Weight

Does the Green Coffee Bean Diet actually work?
An American professor of chemistry, Professor Winson, from the University of Scranton, recently undertook a study regarding green coffee bean extract for rapid weight loss.
This has increased the level of interest in how to lose weight quickly.
Vinson’s study was of 16 overweight adults who were placed on three 6-week periods using a 700 mg dose of green coffee, a 1050 mg dose of green coffee and a placebo. The participants were between 22 and 46 years of age.
Their daily intake of calories was on average 2,400, which is a little above lots of recommended calorific amounts for losing weight .
Each participant lost an average of 17 pounds. The duration of the study was 22 weeks.
Some people consider that it is the caffeine that the green coffee bean contains which causes the weight loss, whilst others consider that Chlorogenic Acid plays a much more significant role. Further research needs to be conducted within this area.
Chlorogenic Acid enables the body to regulate blood glucose levels more effectively and helps speed up the metabolism in order that the body naturally burns up more calories.

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