Is Diet Cola Good or Bad

The question of whether or not diet cola is good or bad for you still has not been decided despite there being several studies showing diet drinks as a cause of cardiovascular disease . Other studies however state that diet sodas may assist in lowering calorie intake.
A recent American study, of 4,000 adults, has found that those who drink diet drinks are less healthy than those who do not drink them.
The healthiest people are those who adhere to a strict diet and do not drink diet beverages.
They also have a lesser risk of high waist circumference, high triglyceride levels and metabolic syndrome, 22 per cent, 28 per cent and 36 percent lower, respectively, than those on a Western diet and did not drink diet drinks.
The second healthiest group of individuals are those who stuck to the prudent diet and also drank diet beverages.
On the other hand, those who stuck to the Western diet had a heightened risk of heart disease whether or not they drank diet beverages.
Our diets have a bigger effect on health than whether or not you drink diet drinks.

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