Sleeping May be Best Form of Dieting

The latest research shows that a “sleep diet” could be the best way of keywordslimming for those individuals who tend to gain weight.
The research alleges that more than nine hours of sleep per night seem to suppress genetic factors which can lead to weight gain.
Minimal sleep is said to have the opposite effect.
Previous research has highlighted a link between poor sleep and obesity. However, these new findings disclose a complicated interaction between sleep and genetic factors related to body weight.
The study participants had an average BMI of 25.3, which is within the “overweight” category. A BMI of 30 or more is what defines clinical obesity .
The researchers concluded that modern society has so much technology which often causes a misalignment between the need for sleep and how many hours an individual actually sleeps. This often has a negative impact on mental functioning and metabolic, cardiovascular, and immune system health.

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