Parents should be taught the importance of a healthy diet

Parents in the UK need to be taught about the importance of eating a balanced diet, it has been suggested.
Dr Carina Norris, a registered nutritionist, explained mothers and fathers should be educated about what eating healthy food means to them and their families.
The expert noted this is crucial because it will have long-lasting effects on the health of their children, observing kids who eat a poor diet at a young age are likely to feel the damage done further down the line.
Parents might therefore choose to drive home the importance of a healthy diet to their little ones sooner rather than later, as this could help prevent them falling into bad eating habits as they get older.
Dr Norris stated: “We are going to get children suffering from things like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and things like that which are really affected by diet earlier.”
She added childhood is an important time with regard to food habits, as adults often find it hard to shake off the preferences of their younger days.

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