Beginner cooks can introduce many foods into their diet

People who have basic skills in the kitchen have the ability to bring a range of different meals into their diet, it has been suggested.
Ben Ebbrell, head chef at Sorted – an internet-based cookery hub providing user-friendly recipes – explained individuals who can make bangers and mash should be able to prepare dishes such as grilled pork chops with an apple and sage mash.
Mr Ebbrell stated: “Make mashed potato and just at the last minute, chop up some fresh sage and throw in a couple of tablespoons of apple sauce and you’ve got a completely different dish.”
People getting a little bored of their usual meals may therefore find now is the time to mix up their dinners and come up with fresh recipes to help provide a more healthy and balanced diet .
Mr Ebbrell suggested people might choose to cook up a hearty meal in the shape of beef wellington.
He noted that while many people tend to think it is a difficult dish to prepare, the process can be made much easier by breaking it down into simpler stages.

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