Healthy diet can contribute to a glowing complexion

Those hoping to attain a glowing complexion should follow a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.
This is the suggestion of Max Tomlinson, a naturopath, nutritionist, homeopath and medical herbalist, who explained looking after skin at a young age should include taking on the correct vitamins and minerals and keeping hydrated.
In addition, individuals should aim to eat good oils, while regularly cleansing and exfoliating their skin.
Mr Tomlinson was speaking after new research for SoBe V Water, carried out by OnePoll, revealed 61 per cent of people in the UK are not eating a healthy diet.
The expert recommended: “Start young while your skin is still in great condition and protect your skin rather than having to try and undo some of the damage once its been done.”
He said it is shocking to learn so many people hardly eat any fruit on a daily basis, adding families should focus on hitting the five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day target set by government recommendations, as this will provide them with the nutrients their bodies require.

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