Healthy diets could include cooking from home

People looking to eat a healthier diet may want to cook from home more often.
Alexia Robinson from Love British Food explained this approach enables individuals to see what is going into their meals and provides them with greater control over the ingredients used.
The comments come ahead of National Baking Week, which is taking place between October 15th and 21st and aims to get families, friends and work colleagues throughout the UK preparing their own dishes.
Ms Robinson explained home cooking often means the food is fresher and healthier than produce bought from a supermarket.
“There is great satisfaction from eating something you have made from scratch and cooking with children or friends can be a great bonding activity,” the expert observed.
She added making food in the home is often much cheaper than eating at a restaurant or paying for a takeaway.
What’s more, getting kids involved in the food-making process at an early age should provide them with valuable skills they can use throughout their lives, while baking is also a fun activity that keeps little ones engaged.

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