Pregnant women should keep a diary of their diet

Women who are pregnant should keep a food diary in order to monitor the nutrients in their diet.
This is the suggestion of Sarah Montagu, admin secretary for the Association of Radical Midwives – a group aiming to improve the maternity care provided by the NHS – who explained this approach will enable females and their midwives to get a better idea of what needs to be done about their eating habits.
Ms Montagu noted there is not usually enough time to focus specifically on nutrition during normal anti-natal appointments, so keeping track of consumption as they go along can prove beneficial for women as they hope to stay on the right track.
Another benefit of focussing on diet during pregnancy is that this tends to be a time when people are more receptive to positive health messages than usual.
Ms Montagu went on to note: “Because you are thinking about the wellbeing of the new baby, you are more likely to take on board the kind of messages that you need when you are pregnant.”

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