Acne is not caused by chocolate in the diet

People who eat lots of chocolate as part of their diet are unlikely to suffer from acne as a result.
This is the suggestion of Zara Stone Rabinowicz, beauty expert, who explained neither these cocoa-based products nor oily foods are associated with the condition.
Ms Stone Rabinowicz explained people suffer from acne due to an overproduction of sebum, oil and dead skin cells filling the sebaceous glands.
Alternatively, outbreaks may be hormonally-related, meaning teenagers or those feeling stressed may be more at risk.
The comments suggest those worried about spots do not need to cut out chocolate treats and oily foods from their diet in order to reduce the likelihood of getting pimples .
For those who do develop acne, Ms Stone Rabinowicz suggested daily cleansing and gentle exfoliation as a good way to treat it, adding a targeted product such as tea tree oil can serve to soothe and calm spots.
She stated: “This will decrease redness and help them go, though serious cases may need antibiotics such as tetracyclines from the doctor.”

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