Children could improve their diet with school dinners

School dinners in the UK have improved significantly in recent years – and children could improve their diet by eating the meals more regularly.
Dr Carina Norris, a registered nutritionist, journalist and author, explained that although these dishes are a lot better than they were, more needs to be done to encourage kids to choose them over unhealthier lunchtime options.
Research carried out by Dr Norris has shown that youngsters having school dinners get much more nutrition than their peers who have packed lunches or go out and buy their own food on the street.
The expert recommended learning institutes looking to encourage greater uptake of school meals need to make use of rules and guidelines that focus on maximum levels of fat, sugar and salt .
She pointed out that although the standard of food being served in schools are fine, not enough young people are getting to experience the benefits of it.
“Unhealthy foods aren’t allowed to be served. That is what we ought to be encouraging – we need to work on uptake.

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