Timing is important for high fat diets

New research has suggested eating a high fat diet can help to prevent obesity – but the timing of food consumption needs to be correct.
Investigators from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered such a diet can improve metabolism, as long as people stick to a fixed schedule and eat at the same time – and for the same duration – every day.
According to the study, such an eating pattern can lead to an individual achieving a unique metabolism that, rather than being stored, sees ingested fats used for energy when food is unavailable.
Professor Oren Froy stated: “Our research shows that the timing of food consumption takes precedence over the amount of fat in the diet, leading to improved metabolism and helping to prevent obesity.”
He added improving metabolism via careful meal scheduling might be used as a therapeutic tool to help combat obesity.
The investigators discovered humans who are strict with their meal times can regulate their biological clock and lessen the negative effects a high fat diet would usually have.

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