Jobs diet sent Kutcher to hospital

Movie star Ashton Kutcher has revealed his attempts to replicate Steve Jobs’ diet sent him to hospital.
Kutcher is a well known method actor and likes to get into the mindset of his characters by trying his best to copy their behaviour, according to WENN.
While normally this just involves wearing certain clothes and talking in a certain way for a number of days, Ashton went to the next level and copied Jobs’ favoured fruitarian diet for an upcoming biopic on the Apple boss’ life.
However, while the benefits of eating a lot of fruit are plentiful, the sudden food consumption change sent Kutcher’s insulin levels out of control and put him into hospital.
Joshua Michael Stern, director of the upcoming Jobs movie, commented: “He lost, like, 15 pounds at the beginning and went on a fruitarian diet and ended up having to go to the emergency room.”
Kutcher was quick to avoid blaming the Apple legend for his problems and said the author of The Mucus Free Diet Healing System, a book that offers a guide to a fruit-based regime was “pretty misinformed”.

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