Nutrition expert shares Ramadan diet tips

Nutrition specialist Rowaidah Idriss has shared a number of tips that will help Muslims improve their diet after the fasting period.
Ramadan is a hugely important time for those adhering to the tenets of Islam, but high rates of diabetes among south Asians mean it is very important that people properly manage their diet in the weeks and months after the holiday finishes.
Ms Idriss advises weight conscious Muslims to address sugar cravings with the consumption of fruits, such as melons and apples, according to Arab News.
The expert also said drinking water regularly helps flush the body of toxins and having two glasses of the liquid 15 minutes before a big meal will help reduce the impact of a heavy dish.
It’s also important to cut out the number of sugary products eaten wherever possible, according to the nutritionist.
“Share your chocolate and sweets and eat them after a meal and not when you’re hungry,” Ms Idriss added.
But with the Eid feasting festival coming up, many will struggle with this, due to the huge range of delicious candies on offer.

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