Sisters in amazing slimming effort

Two sisters have lost seven stone between them, mainly thanks to their membership of Scottish Slimmers.
Michelle Firth and Kathleen Cosgrove were both struggling with their weight and were having trouble finding out exactly the best diet to go on to shed the pound, according to the Daily Record.
But for a long time nothing got done, but when Ms Firth’s son asked her why she was “so fat” – she was mortified and knew it was time to stop eating unhealthy takeaways and crisps, a habit that that had driven her weight to just under 14 stone.
Ms Cosgrove was having problems too and despite previously being proud of her slim figure, an inability to shed the pounds after having a baby meant that she could no longer wear her size ten clothes.
But all of this changed when Kathleen joined the Scottish Slimmers diet and she commented: “I managed to do it [fit a size ten] and bought a beautiful dress and expensive shoes for my party.”
For more information about the programme Kathleen and Michelle went on visit Scottish Slimmers website.

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