1 Pound per Day Extra Expense Leaves no Excuse for an Unhealthy Diet

New research has suggested that healthy diets are nowhere near as expensive as people usually presume.
27 studies in 10 countries revealed that a healthy diet will cost about £1 per day, per person more than a usual, unhealthy diet.
This is the first proper study into the economical differences between healthy and unhealthy foods. Dariush Mozaffarian, an associate professor on the project, is reported to claim that “this research provides the most complete picture to date on true cost differences of healthy diets.”
Higher prices are often associated with healthier diets, especially when considering things like organic produce, and this can put people off making positive lifestyle changes. The comparatively small price difference discovered is even more insignificant when compared to the prices of living with health complications derived from a poor life diet, such as diabetes.
However, £1 a day could still be quite significant for some families Mozaffarian acknowledged. Per person, this approximate £1 increase in a family of four would see a £28 price difference over a week, which could keep a car running for quite a few days, proving that expense may actually still pose a valid reason to avoid the healthy lifestyle.
A healthy lifestyle is something we should all be striving for, but the price admittedly can still be higher. But the risk of the economic and emotional stress that comes as a result of developing a medical condition in the future because of bad lifestyle choices should arguably outweigh the price cost now.

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