Beyonce and Jay Z go vegan until Christmas

American celebrities Beyonce and Jay Z have gone vegan for the three weeks leading up to Christmas.
Jay Z announced on his website that he and Beyonce would turn vegan the day before his 44th birthday, and would adhere to the diet up until Christmas.
The rapper said that he started eating a “plant-based breakfast” every day at the challenge of a friend, and found it easier than he thought it would be. 
He referred to the adoption of the diet as a “physical and spiritual cleanse”. He attributed praise to his friend Marco Borges who is the founder of ’22 days nutrition’, which is a vegan, organic and gluten-free food and lifestyle company.
There is no indication as to whether the couple’s child, Blue Ivy, is adopting the plant-based diet as well. Jay Z said on his website that “I don’t know what happens after Christmas” in regards to maintaining the diet or abandoning it. 
Other celebrity vegans include Bryan Adams, Bill Clinton and Pamela Anderson. The diet traditionally eschews meat, fish, dairy and eggs, and other animal-based products such as leather and honey.

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