Folic Acid for Dads and not Just Mums

It is not just the mothers who should be watching what they eat on the run up to pregnancy . New research has shown that Dad’s diet could have an impact on the long term health of the child as well.
Folic acid is an important component in a developing child, as it helps to form the spine and brain, and it is recommended that mothers get a lot of the stuff during early pregnancy.
However, an experiment on mice proved that a folic acid deficiency in the males can also lead to a higher chance of deformed offspring.
Green foods, especially asparagus, lentils, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, as well as some starches like whole grain bread are high in folic acid.
Of course, there is a huge difference between mice and men, and there is no proof that there is any issue with human fathers and folic acid deficiency. However, it could be better to be on the safe side, and folic acid-rich foods are good for you anyway! It is thought having enough folic acid in your system could reduce the risk of a stroke by one-fifth.
And even better, folic acid can help to stimulate hair growth, so if you are a man worried about that ever present fear of going bald (or if you are a partner even more frightened of having a bald husband), this could help set your fears aside.

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