Kim Kardashian Dieting Inspiration

Kim Kardashian is like marmite; some people love her, some people can’t stand her. Either way, it is pretty hard to avoid her, as she is splashed across all manner of media.
No matter what your opinion of her is, you can’t fault her for her positive promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the hard work she has put into getting her body back to how it was pre-baby.
She has gotten the top spot of US Weekly, the cover piece of which is Kim striding confidently down a beach in a bikini, showing off a body that seems to have said “No!” to post pregnancy weight.
Kim has Tweeted shouting out against reports that she resorted to surgery to lose the baby-weight, claiming that “This is FALSE.” She also added that she “worked so hard to train myself to eat right and healthy”. Her great new figure is apparently down to Pilates, running and healthy eating.
No matter what is said about her, especially in regards to a certain recent music video, Kim is proving that all it takes is dedication and hard work to get in great shape, and that no one really has much excuse.

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