Mediterranean Diet Could Fight Dementia

There are many different forms of medication available to help dementia patients, but there is no definitive cure. Medical professionals and researchers have stated however that a healthy diet could help to prevent the onset of dementia altogether.
Eating a diet rich in fresh fruit, fish, nuts, and olive oil can all help the brain to remain stronger and functional for longer, some experts suggest.
Health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, reportedly described dementia as a “time bomb”, with a recent report estimating the world dementia levels may rise to 135 million by 2050.
Dr Aseem Malhotra, a London based cardiologist, has said that there is a lot of evidence for a “Mediterranean diet” helping prevent all sorts of health benefits as well as helping dementia, such as type 2 diabetes and maybe even cancer. In the more western world, our diet can lack these healthy foods and are more at risk of these kind of diseases.
Diet control is a much better alternative to drugs, if it works, as drugs can wreck havoc with the body’s system, and are more expensive to produce and buy. Furthermore, the preventative approach of a healthy diet is preferable to attempting to treat or combat these illnesses once they have developed.

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