Brits focus on diet for New Year plans

A high number of Britons are looking to improve their diet as part of their New Year resolutions.
This is according to new research from TopCashback, which has found that improving health is a priority for 69 per cent of survey respondents over the next 12 months.
It was demonstrated that these individuals are looking to boost their general wellbeing by placing particular focus on eating the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, while also striving to either gain or lose weight.
Natasha-Rachel Smith, consumer affairs expert at TopCashback, noted more than half of those questioned aim to use the start of a new year as an opportunity to introduce changes.
Ms Smith stated: “It’s great that we’re being so optimistic with the fresh year as sometimes setting a personal target … can have an enormous beneficial impact on our lives.”
While improving health was found to be the most popular resolution among those polled, other high-ranking plans included saving money and spending less, boosting wellbeing, spending more time with family and taking steps to bolster their career.

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